Who is this platform for?

This platform is for any parents who are looking for advice, hacks, and simply someone with whom to discuss raising their children.

I need help urgently.

We are not an emergency service and do not offer medical advice. If you or your family face a medical emergency please call 911.

Who are these experts on your platform?

Our experts come from different educational backgrounds, methodological traditions, and specialisations. What unites them is the desires to transform the results of leading reviewed and tested research into clear and practical advice for parents on how to support their child’s development. All go through a selection process before babystep grants permission to offer their services on the platform.

Who sets the fees for experts on the platform?

We believe that experts should be free to set their own rates.

When should a parent speak to an expert?

Every parent,child, and parent-child relationship is unique! The reasons for wanting to speak to an expert are varied, but often include wanting to resolve behaviour issues causing distress, preparing for the next stage in a child's development (from toilet learning to going to school), or just wanting confirmation that you are already doing a great job as a parent. Experts in each case can turn to their education and practical experience to offer advice relevant to you and your situation.

How does it work in practice?

We hope you will find the process simple and intuitive. You start off either by __search__ing for a specific issue that you want to discuss or by looking through the different topics that our experts specialise in. When you find an expert who looks perfect for you, then choose up to three convenient time slots from their calendar for the call. When the time comes, all you need to do is call the expert through the app and speak away to your heart's content. After the call you will be requested to pay for the call based only on the minutes you used, and meanwhile the expert will provide a follow-up note summarising the key points of the call.

Can advice on a call help?

Some parents have the luxury of being able to ask the expert they need to come to their home. Yet when the expert you want to talk to lives on the other side of the country, or even on the other side of town, it can be difficult to meet in person. Fortunately, experience shows calls can also be incredibly helpful.

How long is each call?

Call lengths vary very greatly, and some have been known to go on for almost three hours. Yet, the vast majority last just over 20 minutes. It depends on the number of questions and their complexity

How long is each call? and do I need more than one call?

Most people get the advice they need on a single call. However, quite often, parents want a follow-up call to discuss improvements, or to discuss new questions that emerge.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the advice given?

First of all, we are very sorry to hear that! Sometimes it happens and in this case your first action should be to provide feedback to the expert directly. We also encourage parents to leave feedback on experts' profile pages. However, if the issue is more serious then please contact us directly support@babystep.tv. We check all emails and we will respond as soon as possible.

The advice given was so helpful, how do I leave the expert something extra?

Our platform sadly does not have the option to leave tips for experts. However, please do be sure to leave your feedback on the expert's profile page, so that other parents will know to give that expert a call.

Where can I find the user agreement and privacy policy?


Where can I find advice without calling an expert?

Together with our experts, we have created a library of over 1,000 1-minute videos covering a wide range of topics and issues. They are free to view at https://babystep.tv.