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Providing an enriching environment for a child to develop to their fullest potential is always my goal. Throughout my Montessori experience, I provide the child with the exact amount of " materials” that is fitting for them. I prepare their environment in an aesthetic sense, also enriching their experience. Together we can develop a plan for your little one to have a "prepared home environment” utilizing my knowledge of enriching experiences for infants and toddlers.

EnrichmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 years

Demystifying Misbehavior

Do you feel like your kids are out of control? Or like you are? Did you know that parenting is supposed to be easy? Let Mia Von Scha help you to understand why your children misbehave, what this behavior really means and how to win back your child's natural compliance (while staying calm in the process).

BehaviorChild psychologyDaily routinesEducationDevelopmentToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Handling Emotions

Mia Von Scha can help you to finally understand what emotions are all about and how to handle these... both in yourself and with your children. Help your kids to grow up with a great EQ. Find out how to manage your own outbursts. Get a grip on what happiness actually is and why it is so elusive!

Child psychologyBehaviorEnrichmentEducationDaily routinesDevelopmentPregnancyInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Is it Normal?

Children are unique and grow and develop at their own pace. Many parents wonder what is “typical” or “normal” behavior. While checking your child’s development against average milestones can provide lots of useful information, many parents are left wondering where to go for more specific advice and guidance. As a developmental psychologist, I can support you in understanding your child’s behavior, development, and mental health needs.

Child psychologyDevelopmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Nursing Education

I am passionate about giving every child the very best start in life through breastfeeding. Although breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy for a new mom, and in order to be successful a knowledgeable support system is key. I was able to successfully breastfeed my own three children for 12-15 months by becoming well-informed on the topic and surrounding myself with a supportive breastfeeding community. I would be thrilled to help you on your breastfeeding journey so you can establish that very unique and intimate bond with your newborn.

NutritionInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 years

Communicating With Your Kids

Mia Von Scha can help you to understand how your children process information and how to talk so kids will listen. If you are tired of asking the same thing over and over, if you are frustrated by how little information your kids give you when you ask about their day, if you want to deepen your relationships and really get to know each other, then this topic is for you!

Daily routinesEducationChild psychologyBehaviorToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

The Non-Violent Classroom

If you are a teacher wanting to implement respectful discipline in your class / school, chat to Mia Von Scha about why children are naturally cooperative and what might have gone wrong if they are misbehaving or acting out in class. Mia can help you to explore why punishment doesn't work and what teacher's can do instead. Chat to Mia about the possible causes of misbehavior in the classroom and specific, actionable solutions that teachers can implement immediately. If you've looking at shifting your school environment to one of true collaboration between children and teachers and an optimal environment for true learning to take place, then give Mia a call today.

EducationEnrichmentDaily routinesBehaviorDevelopmentPreschooler, 3-6 years

Parent Consultation

I have been providing Parent Consultation for the past 28 years through parent conferences, progress reports and also through after-hour support and advice to parents whenever they have any doubts or concerns about their child. The stage of development between birth and the age of three is primarily non-verbal communication. I am specialized in interpreting children’s body language and behavioral cues to anticipate and prevent situations (tantrums, misunderstandings, transitions) and instead make your child feel heard and understood. I will support you by giving you the tools needed to have a healthy, peaceful home through my deep understanding of the child’s needs.

Toddler, 1-3 yearsInfant, 0-1 year

Talking Tips and Strategies

"When should my child talk?” “Is using baby sign-language a good idea?” “What should I be doing to help my child learn to talk?” “Is it ok to speak different languages with my child?” “My doctor said my child had a mild speech delay. What does this mean? What should I do?” With the latest research and practice knowledge, I can answer these and other questions and concerns about your child’s speech and language. Find out important developmental information and ways to enhance what you are already doing to support your child’s overall growth and ways of communicating.

Speech and language developmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 years

Practical and Sensitive Sleep Solutions

Sleep. If there is one thing all parents can agree on is that they want more of it! From “cry-it-out” and “Ferber” to “Attachment parenting” and “co-sleeping” the sleep debate rages on in the media, pediatrician offices, and mommy and me groups. Leave all the hype and controversy behind as we discuss practical sleep solutions tailored for your family that will have everyone enjoying a better night’s sleep. If bedtime has become a battle of wills with pleas of “just one more book or glass or water,” you’ve come to the right place to learn loving and effective techniques to get your little one down for the night.

SleepDaily routinesInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Helping Children Through Major Life Changes

Chat to Mia Von Scha about helping kids through death, divorce, immigration, changing schools and other major life changes. Get practical advice on the stages of grieving and how these apply to all major life events. Ideal for parents whose children are going through any kind of transition.

BehaviorDevelopmentChild psychologyEducationDaily routinesToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Peaceful Potty Training

Does it feel like your child is the only one still not potty trained? Are you unsure of when or how to start getting your child ready to use the toilet? Do you have questions or concerns about bed wetting? Parents often get confusing or conflicting advice from well-meaning family and friends around toilet learning. I can answer your questions with research-based strategies and information that will provide you with a plan for successful toilet learning. Ease your worries and frustrations.

Toilet educationDaily routinesToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Newborn Wellness

Your very special delivery has arrived - congratulations! You have just embarked on an adventure that will last your entire lifetime. You will be experiencing a vast array of emotions at this time as you are adjusting to an enormous change. Allow me to support you during this time and bring some reassurance and tranquility as you settle into your role as parents. Your newborn has specific channels in which they express themselves at this time and you will want to help soothe them in the best way possible as this is also a dramatic adjustment for them! I lean on my decades of knowledge and experience - training that includes in utero through the first 3 years of life. Together we can discover the parenting instinct that is uniquely yours and I will help guide you through this extraordinary adventure!

Infant, 0-1 year

Raising a Genius

Every single person on the planet, your child included, has a set of values that determine where their genius lies, what they focus on, how they learn and their ultimate destiny. Mia Von Scha will give you the practical tools to determine your child’s values (and your own) and how to use this information to help your child to excel in any area; how to maintain their self-worth as they go through school and life; and how to help them to create a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

EducationEnrichmentChild psychologyBehaviorDevelopmentPreschooler, 3-6 years

Calm and Connected Approach to Behavior Challenges

“No! No! Noooo!” Sound familiar? The most common parenting challenge is handling defiance, meltdowns, and tantrums. Are you tired of repeating yourself, feeling frustrated, and at your wit’s end? You are not alone. If you find yourself yelling, maybe you are yelling for help. I can support you in understanding even the most puzzling and demanding infant, toddler, and child behaviors. Gain the patience and skills to effectively set limits while remaining connected with your child. Let’s work together to create a calmer more peaceful house where everyone can thrive.

BehaviorDevelopmentToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 yearsInfant, 0-1 year

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