Kelley Abrams
Los Altos, CA, US
Talking Tips and Strategies
Speech and language developmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 years

"When should my child talk?” “Is using baby sign-language a good idea?” “What should I be doing to help my child learn to talk?” “Is it ok to speak different languages with my child?” “My doctor said my child had a mild speech delay. What does this mean? What should I do?” With the latest research and practice knowledge, I can answer these and other questions and concerns about your child’s speech and language. Find out important developmental information and ways to enhance what you are already doing to support your child’s overall growth and ways of communicating.

Speech and language developmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 years
Kelley Abrams
Los Altos, CA, US

Kelley Abrams, PhD, Developmental Psychologist and mother of two with 20+ years of experience supporting families. Her passion is helping families feel calmer and connected by giving parents evidence-based strategies tailored to each family

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Early Childhood

Cara will help you connect with your child and determine what their behaviors are communicating. We will discuss your children and perhaps their bedtime routine, screen times, temper tantrums and willful behaviors.

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Montessori Expert at Your Service

The Montessori philosophy has been around for over a century, adapting to the changing world. What makes this educational method so effective lies in the fundamental view of the child. If you are a Montessori parent and need support, I'm your girl! If you're a Montessori newbie, perhaps you'd like to understand and apply something you've encountered? Montessori can better the way you parent by simply observing your child under the right lens. Let's join forces to get you to the top of your Montessori game!

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Present Moment Parenting / Parenting With Mindfulness

We are living in the information age and are constantly bombarded with parenting information and advice. Chat to Mia Von Scha about why you should throw all your parenting manuals away; how to connect with your own inner intelligence, with that innate knowing that you have as a parent; and how to live and parent authentically. Present Moment Parenting is a way of being, and is essential if we are to raise children who are not limited by our own conditioning. Find out how to do this, easily!

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Handling Emotions

Mia Von Scha can help you to finally understand what emotions are all about and how to handle these... both in yourself and with your children. Help your kids to grow up with a great EQ. Find out how to manage your own outbursts. Get a grip on what happiness actually is and why it is so elusive!

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Filipp Panfilov
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Eat, Sleep, Play, Play, Play, Play.

"My child won't sit still for five minutes!", "is my two-year-old supposed to be able to concentrate by now?", "what toys and activities can benefit my child academically?", "I want my three-year-old to play alone once in a while." Any of these sound familiar? Often, play is underestimated. Its importance is undervalued. Worst of all, certain kind of play can give rise to additional challenges. Finding the right pastime for your youngster can positively affect your relationship, their character, and their physical, cognitive and social development. Let's work together to better the play experience for your family!

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Effective Communication: Change The Way You Talk To Your Kids!

I'll help you communicate more effectively with your children through very practical communication skills. I'll also help you understand when to use the skills and for what purpose, so that you will feel more CONFIDENT when emotions run high, and will CREATE STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with your children. When you use these skills your children will grow into SELF SUFFICIENT, RESPONSIBLE adults, and are able to cope with their own emotions as well as EMPATHIZE with others.

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Если истэрика, станцуй - Throwing a fit? Dance!

У тэба эстэрика? станцуй. Абними рэбонка, прогавари што лубишь сыльно и танцуй. Звани, вместэ станцуем. Throwing a fit? Dance! Hug your child, tell them how vast your love is. Call me now, we'll dance together.

BehaviorSpeech and language developmentDevelopmentLanguageChild psychologyToddler, 1-3 yearsInfant, 0-1 yearPreschooler, 3-6 years

Asperger's Syndrome Signs and Early interventions

Early interventions are key to Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. Let's talk and make some solid goals and break them into stages, for your child to have success!

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Behavior manaagement

Reducing negative, aggressive or disruptive behaviors.

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Demystifying Misbehavior

Do you feel like your kids are out of control? Or like you are? Did you know that parenting is supposed to be easy? Let Mia Von Scha help you to understand why your children misbehave, what this behavior really means and how to win back your child's natural compliance (while staying calm in the process).

BehaviorChild psychologyDaily routinesEducationDevelopmentToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Helping Children Through Major Life Changes

Chat to Mia Von Scha about helping kids through death, divorce, immigration, changing schools and other major life changes. Get practical advice on the stages of grieving and how these apply to all major life events. Ideal for parents whose children are going through any kind of transition.

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Tantrums, Sleep, Eating

I can help you if your child doesn't sleep or eat well

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Happiness and Well-being Coach

Do you want your child to thrive as a learner who is well prepared for the needs of the 21st century, while also having a strong character so that they are well-poised to make a difference in the world? I am here to help coach you towards your child’s learning and developmental success!

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Feeding - trials and tribulations of early feeders

I can offer information and suggestions from bottle feeders to kids who are picky eaters. I can teach you ways to expand your child's variety of foods and textures in a fun and successful way

EatingNutritionDevelopmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Parenting Deliberately: Creating Your Long Term Parenting Plan

How do you get to where you want to go if you don't know where that is? So many parents just deal with whatever issue is right in front of them today--just get the kid fed and to bed and then we'll deal with tomorrow tomorrow! Imagine if your child's classroom teacher did that? If she didn't have an outline for what she wanted to teach your child. For where she wanted your child to be at the end of the year. Use this time while your child is young to create your family roadmap. Sure, you may stop and see the sights along the way--or go the north route instead of the south route--but it is by planning deliberately that you raise an adult you are proud to send out into the world. Identify core values and priorities. Talk in advance about how you think you will address topics like schools, nutrition, financial education and media use. Know how to handle the really hard ones like sex education and protection against sexual harassment at each developmental stage. Have some tools in your toolbelt for communicating when the stakes are high. Be masters at finding win-win solutions. Put your best parenting foot forward.

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4 Major Challenges Modern Parents Face that Make Parenting Harder Than It Needs to Be--and how to avoid them

IS PARENTING HARDER TODAY THAN IT USED TO BE? YOU BET! In fact, I have 4 reasons I think parenting is a significantly different ball game than it used to be. Addressing these 4 changes in parenting is key to finding the joy and balance you deserve in your parenting. Learn how to structure your home and how to speak to your kids to avoid yelling, nagging and arguing. Learn the 4 major challenges--how they came to be in today's society--and what you can do as a parent so you don't fall prey to these forces and so that you have the peaceful home and the warm connection with your kids that you want and deserve.

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How decoding facial expressions for children can be a game changer!

Understanding facial expressions in others can help toddlers and children with emotion identification. Did you know, that many children are not fully aware of what some basic facial expressions mean? Having a strong understanding of facial expressions and the emotion they are attached to benefit children in social situations behaviorally and academically!

BehaviorDaily routinesEducationDevelopmentToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Communicating With Your Kids

Mia Von Scha can help you to understand how your children process information and how to talk so kids will listen. If you are tired of asking the same thing over and over, if you are frustrated by how little information your kids give you when you ask about their day, if you want to deepen your relationships and really get to know each other, then this topic is for you!

Daily routinesEducationChild psychologyBehaviorToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Building Your Child's Self-Worth

Do you want your children to be happy, successful, confident and creative? Do you want them to find fulfillment, inner peace and love? Would you like them to be able to resist peer pressure? It all starts with a healthy sense of self-worth. Chat to Mia Von Scha about the top ten rules for nurturing self-worth in your children (and in yourself!) and how you can help your children to fulfill their true potential.

Child psychologyEducationBehaviorDevelopmentToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Newborn Care and Development

Betsy Schwartz is your go to for guidance with caring for your newborn baby. If you have questions and concerns about your baby in the first year of life, Betsy will give you practical suggestions and share her wisdom and knowledge. Newborn babies are very smart and can communicate if you are listening. Your baby has many states of consciousness. Knowing these will support you in developing routines with eating, sleeping and interacting with your baby. Once you understand the world of the newborn, your confidence as a new mother or father will soar.

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Emotional behavior

Some children become upset more easily than others. They have more meltdowns which last longer than average. These children require greater compassion and more empathetic responses, but the research is very clear, the more a parent tries to calm down a child, the longer the emotional meltdown lasts. Tom can help you be both compassionate and help your child develop emotional control.

BehaviorChild psychologyDevelopmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Paving the Path to Better Behavior

Parenting is a challenge, especially when you feel like you're loosing an argument with a two year-old! The subject of toddler tantrums can feel like a spiral of questions after questions. What are the right limits? How can I enforce them? What am I supposed to say instead of 'no'? Although these questions don't have one perfect answer, they are just the topic I can help with! Lets work together to get your little person back on your side as you learn to use positive phrasing, sportscasting and good balance of freedoms and limits.

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Well, this is my product for testing callsddd

Montessori education is an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori based on her extensive research with "phrenasthenic" or "special needs" children and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. Although a range of practices exists under the name "Montessori", the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and the American Montessori Society (AMS) cite these elements as essential:[2][3] Mixed age classrooms, with classrooms for children ages 2½ or 3 to 6 years old are by far the most common Student choice of activity from within a prescribed range of options Uninterrupted blocks of work time, ideally three hours A constructivist or "discovery" model, where students learn concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction

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Healthy Eating and Happier Mealtimes

Parents often worry about what kinds of foods and how much their young children are eating. Mealtimes turn into battlegrounds. From babies to preschoolers, I can support your family in creating enjoyable mealtimes, learning how to make healthy eating decisions, and connecting with each other through sharing meals and cultural traditions.

NutritionEatingInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Practical and Sensitive Sleep Solutions

Sleep. If there is one thing all parents can agree on is that they want more of it! From “cry-it-out” and “Ferber” to “Attachment parenting” and “co-sleeping” the sleep debate rages on in the media, pediatrician offices, and mommy and me groups. Leave all the hype and controversy behind as we discuss practical sleep solutions tailored for your family that will have everyone enjoying a better night’s sleep. If bedtime has become a battle of wills with pleas of “just one more book or glass or water,” you’ve come to the right place to learn loving and effective techniques to get your little one down for the night.

SleepDaily routinesInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years

Calm and Connected Approach to Behavior Challenges

“No! No! Noooo!” Sound familiar? The most common parenting challenge is handling defiance, meltdowns, and tantrums. Are you tired of repeating yourself, feeling frustrated, and at your wit’s end? You are not alone. If you find yourself yelling, maybe you are yelling for help. I can support you in understanding even the most puzzling and demanding infant, toddler, and child behaviors. Gain the patience and skills to effectively set limits while remaining connected with your child. Let’s work together to create a calmer more peaceful house where everyone can thrive.

BehaviorDevelopmentToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 yearsInfant, 0-1 year

Is it Normal?

Children are unique and grow and develop at their own pace. Many parents wonder what is “typical” or “normal” behavior. While checking your child’s development against average milestones can provide lots of useful information, many parents are left wondering where to go for more specific advice and guidance. As a developmental psychologist, I can support you in understanding your child’s behavior, development, and mental health needs.

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Parenting through loss

Amy Wright Glenn leads trainings across the United States for birth and mental health professionals on "Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss." As a birth doula and a hospital chaplain, Amy has supported families through the difficult and complicated grief associated with miscarriage, stillbirth, and/or infant loss. If you have suffered, or are suffering, from pregnancy loss, know you are not alone. Amy provides compassionate, wise, and gentle support for you and your family at this time.

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Learning Success

Do you want your child to thrive as a learner who is well prepared for the needs of the 21st century, while also having a strong character so that they are well-poised to make a difference in the world? I am here to help coach you towards your child’s learning and developmental success!

EducationDevelopmentInfant, 0-1 yearToddler, 1-3 yearsPreschooler, 3-6 years