Prenatal Advice
Prenatal advicePregnancy

A precious, new life is coming into your world. There are few experiences as sacred as this. Prenatal life is such a mystery, and Teresa can walk you through a unique timeline of development for your unborn child. Understanding the role parents play for the unborn baby at each stage, how to encourage healthy brain development, which foods are most nutritious (and which ones develop your baby's palate as well!) - are some of many questions that Teresa is thrilled to answer during this exciting time. Teresa has given Prenatal Workshops around the country, and her experience is also personal - she has three children and just recently welcomed her first granddaughter, Siena.

Prenatal advicePregnancy

I am an expert in the developmental stages of children from ages 0-3 years old. I have 3 decades of experience responding to your practical needs as a parent and honoring the child in the most nurturing and loving way.

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Handling Emotions

Mia Von Scha can help you to finally understand what emotions are all about and how to handle these... both in yourself and with your children. Help your kids to grow up with a great EQ. Find out how to manage your own outbursts. Get a grip on what happiness actually is and why it is so elusive!

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Parenting through loss

Amy Wright Glenn leads trainings across the United States for birth and mental health professionals on "Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss." As a birth doula and a hospital chaplain, Amy has supported families through the difficult and complicated grief associated with miscarriage, stillbirth, and/or infant loss. If you have suffered, or are suffering, from pregnancy loss, know you are not alone. Amy provides compassionate, wise, and gentle support for you and your family at this time.

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Аткуда дэти бэруца? - Where do children come from? Storks? maybe...

Аткуда дэти бэруца? приходы, скажю. Тока никому нэ слова нэ гавари. Where do children come from? Storks, maybe... Call me now and I'll enlighten you.

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From Couplehood to Parenthood

There are lots of classes that address the physical process of bringing a baby into the world. Very few, however, address the social emotional shift from being a couple with few joint responsibilities to being parents--likely with no training--who have to coordinate the raising of a new human being, the most important task they will ever undertake. And yet, a 7-year study by Penn State found that children whose parents had been trained in communication as a couple and who had spent time developing a clear parenting plan thrived at higher levels than children whose parents had just been taught general parenting techniques. This is the time to get off on the right parenting foot, so that you and your co-parent are a united team with a focused mission.

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The Tantrum Coaching to End All Tantrums

Parenting needs to be based on equal respect for everyone in the family. The “secrets” of tantrum prevention and elimination are based on the concept of respect. The tantrums of very young children are caused by the parents not understanding and respecting the anger needs of the child. The tantrums of older children are additionally caused by the parent accepting disrespect from the child. I can show you how simple it is to correct these imbalances of respect and put an end to tantrums.

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Pregnancy and Prenatal Education

When you are pregnant there are so many changes happening in your body. You are also thinking about your unborn baby, and the upcoming labor and birth. Betsy is available to answer questions that arise in terms of what to expect and how to prepare for birth and early parenting. It's all about trust and surrender. Betsy will guide you to what the evidence states, and most importantly, she will guide you to your inner knowing. Pregnancy and birth is transformative. Being educated about your options is key for you to tap into your personal power. Being able to quiet the mind chatter, and practice relaxation will support you during this process. Betsy will share her knowledge, resources and wisdom from her personal and professional experience. Most importantly, Betsy will guide you in your journey.

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